Examples of installation of EkoWodrol ball check valves


Edwards Equipment

20010 North Peebly Rd, Luther, OK 73054, USA

www.edwardsequipmentllc.com, 1-405-315-5488

#1 Wellston Lift Station

In our Wellston Pumping Station Project, space was limited. At that time, the engineer allowed us to install EkoWodrol 4 ”elbow valves directly inside the pumping station’s well. We were therefore able to shorten the distance between the surface and the valve chamber by 24 ”, which allowed the engineer to install a bypass line.

Reason for using EkoWodrol valve:
✘ limited space

#2 MACC Booster Station

This Booster Station was characterized by a high discharge head of 450 ft TDH. This is astronomical value. When the pumps stopped working, the backflow hit the valves that had been installed there, breaking the center of them. By installing the inline 4 ”and 6” elbow EkoWodrol, cracking has been eliminated. We also used pump soft starts to extend the life of the valves. In the building where we installed them, the space was limited by the size of this building (8’x 8 ‘). So we removed two old 90’s from ductile iron and installed our 4 ”and 6” EkoWodrol. The customer also appreciates the fact that he can simply unscrew 4 screws and access the inside of the valve. It took the customer approximately 2 hours to clean one of the old valves.

Reason for using EkoWodrol valve:
✘ limited space
✘ algae clogging
✘ large discharge height

#3 Broken Bow State Park

Due to the limited space and the inability to build a separate chamber with valves, we had to place the valves inside the well. In this case, the EkoWodrol elbow valves proved to be the best solution instead of the elbow pump nozzles with built-in valves. The check valves built into the pump base are not very reliable.

Reason for using EkoWodrol valve:
✘ limited space
✘ no separate chamber with valves


JMI Pump Systems

W194 N11695 McCormick Drive Germantown, WI 53022, USA

jmipumps.com, 1-262-253-1353

#1 Baraboo Pumping Station

Wanted to share the install of a 6” elbow E-W in Baraboo, WI. You can see what the flapper style valve is going through. They note longer run times on the pump with the valve not holding. Upon successful operation, we’ll likely get the order for the remaining valve.
Valve closed with very little noise or thump.

Reason for using EkoWodrol valve:
✘ clogging


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